Jennifer Turman Memorial Scholarship

The South Coast Running Club gives a $1,000 scholarship annually to a Coos County high school senior or college student already attending college.  Recipient must enroll in college the next fall to receive funds.  Applicants must show a true love of running.  

Applications are due April 1, 2022.  Send completed applications to

Click here for the application

Below are some previous winner’s essays

2021 Winner Celeste Sinko

Before I had even learned to walk, I was a runner. Well, at least by association. My mother has been an avid runner for the majority of her life, and as fate would have it, a love of running was instilled in me. After I graduated from stroller cheerleader to novice jogger, I began my own running journey. I started running when I was twelve years old, and now as a senior in high school, I am the girl’s captain of the North Bend High School cross country team and a captain of the Track & Field team. Running is important to me because it allows me to challenge myself. Moreover, I value running in that it is a simple way to stay healthy. Lastly, I love running for the rich community in which it fosters.

Writing essays is hard, but it does not compare to the challenge of running. As someone who strives to perform their best in various disciplines, I am no stranger to hard work. However, running poses a unique challenge in that it requires my body and mind to work in tandem to achieve my goals. Yet therein lies the beauty of the sport; one must push themselves past their threshold in order to reap the tremendous reward. More so than any other sport, running is a test of wills. Whether it be sore muscles, insufferable wind and weather, or forgetting to wear the correct socks, each running day poses a distinctive hurdle. Runners champion these adversities, which in turn teaches us to be strong, tenacious individuals.

Another auspicious aspect of running is its simplicity. While other sports require specific equipment, running only requires a sturdy pair of shoes and willpower to finish the workout ahead. Moreover, I love running because it takes me places. Running doesn’t necessitate a training facility or an Olympic-sized pool, giving one the freedom to train anywhere their heart desires. The simplicity of running lends to its accessibility. Running is a sport for the people; it can be done virtually anytime, anywhere, with anybody who’s up to the challenge.

In every corner of the globe, there are runners. The camaraderie I have found in the running community is unlike any other circle that I’ve ever been a part of. We’re all cut from the same cloth; we share common qualities of perseverance and grit. Running has allowed me to forge strong bonds with individuals from many intersecting backgrounds. Complete strangers are able to bond over running shoes, times, training, nutrition, and so much more. It feels quite special to be a member of a community that unites people all over the world.

Running has shaped me into the woman I am today. This sport has taught me perseverance and serves as a constant reminder of my good health and fortune. Running is conducive to my overall health, it poses a challenge to my body and mind, and most importantly, running provides me with a sense of belonging. As I step into this new chapter of my life, change is inevitable. Places and people may change, but my love for running will always remain constant.